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LiveJournal is a bitch. It keeps logging me out. ARARARFG.

Orthodontist appointment early this morning, so I had to get up at 6:30 instead of getting to sleep in again. T_T But that's okay.. I was in a relatively good mood this morning, so I had fun joking around with Mom. I had to go get all of the X-rays and the molds and shit done.. :/ After I get a dentist appointment for a cleaning I go back for consultation and spacers, and then a week after that I go back for my braces.


I had that double tooth clinging for life, I ripped it out last night. Mum said she'd give me twenty dollars for it, so hell yeah. I'm twenty bucks richer, man. :D I just wish I'd had it before I went to the mall. But that's okay, because I got ten bucks out of her for that for nothing, and I got to get the second volume of Furuba. -squeal-!

I really don't like Akito so far. T_T! I feel so sorry for Hatori-kun! All.. almost blind and everything. Near the end, after Tohru falls all over him and he's all sea-horsey and dreaming about Kana, where his story's being told, the whole time I'm like.. squealing. Poor Hatori! T_T!


Ah, Fruits Basket.

I got back around nine or so like I knew I would, but I missed the Quidditch game, anyway. I don't have my own computer, so I share this one with my Mom, and she's been pissed off at me lately because she's convinced that it's my fault our computer is a piece of shit. We have no virus protection whatsoever. So it's my fault when ANYTHING gets on this computer. GRR. So she wouldn't let me on. And I feel bad about it because I said I'd be there.

AND WE LOST. But oh well.

Started playing FFVIII the other day <3 I'm on the second disk, whee. In the prison. Escaping and stuff. I never really got into 8 before, but I don't know why because it's so cute~!

I have papers to write and shit to read.

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