Whitney (xchibix) wrote,

Having problems logging into anything. Mom probably fucked something up when she was messing with the computer. RARGH.

I want to cosplay for Animazement 04 but I'm running out of time. e_e I was thinking maybe Uo-chan from Furuba still, but I don't know where to get a seifuku in the next month. I can go though, I'm pretty sure. I don't know about the hotel room though, it depends on if ANYBODY ELSE DECIDES THAT I'M COOL ENOUGH FOR THEM TO GO WITH ME. T_T


Amusing stuff:

[Public] Jedi Knight Kurt hands Fox a vote for Kurt in 2024 button.
[Public] Wild Fox grins
[Public] Jedi Knight Kurt says, "I am running for the Party Party!"
[Public] Vivian says, "Whoo! Party!"
[Public] Jedi Knight Kurt says, "Instead of fund raising dinners we have fund raising keggers!"
[Public] Wild Fox says, "Par-tay!"
[Public] Wild Fox suggest crowd control
[Public] Vivian says, ".. I SO support you. XD"
[Public] Jedi Knight Kurt says, "I am running on the 'There's no reason we should lose so many people of decaying dinosaurs in the middle east' platform."
[Public] Wild Fox says, "Ship em except women and children to a far off island and nuke the island."
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