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make my way back home and learn to fly

That was what.. a ten/fifteen minute doodle in pen? Yeah, I know that half of the people on my friends list that are looking at this are UBERCOOL ARTISTS OMG -jealousy- but it's an accomplishment for me. ((You can see some of the places I messed up >_> Like on his shoulder, and the way his trenchcoat seems to be flapping out but his hair magically isn't-- I tried to make it look like he was lifting it open, instead, lol.)) Especially since it's all in pen. Head/face style was based off the Shutterbox ad in the back of Furuba, and the outfit was based off one of Yuki's. <3 Sessyuberlike.

If you're wondering what the words are, they're lyrics. ((http://www.boomspeed.com/nukunuku124/cyrusketchbig.jpg if you want to SEE them.))


Should be doing homework. Bad me. BAD. DAMNIT. It's saturday. School monday. T_T..
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